Inkscape for Crafters: 2 hour Personal Training

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    A 2 hour livestream personalized training on the Vector Graphics Editing program Inkscape.

    Terms and Conditions

    Your Inkscape Training

    Trace Bitmap

    Learn how to convert a PNG to SVG  so you can edit the Paths.

    Clean Up Paths

    Learn how to clean up Vector Paths for Laser or Cutter CNC/Plotting.

    Learn what you want

    These are your 2 hours of personal learning on Inkscape. You decide what you want to cover.

    Learn the Basics

    Don't want to spend hours watching online videos that don't answer your question?

    Get up to speed faster in a 1-on-1 livestream where you can ask specific questions on your projects!

    Advanced Tips & Tricks

    Learn streamlined shortcuts to help you work smarter, not harder!

    Learn how to leverage and edit images from online sources.

    Meet your Instructor

    Beck is a former college instructor who taught Digital Imaging and Design. This training included Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, however, Beck decided to reach more students by switching to Open Source Design tools, such as Inkscape, so that everyone could learn and benefit from Open Source Software.

    Beck, a co-founder of learnOPENtech, LLC, brings years of design and teaching experience straight to you in this personalized training of Inkscape

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