Wireless Weather Cameras
in Your Home or Garden

When learnOPENtech speaks on the Open Source Mindset, it is to encourage you to make and create new things, improve existing things, and solve problems. Here is one of those solutions using Open Source!

Educational IoT specialist SwitchDoc Labs is back on the crowdfunding circuit in an effort to launch an Espressif ESP32-driven solar-powered wireless weather camera accessory for the Raspberry Pi.

"SkyCam can be used stand-alone supplying data to your Raspberry Pi. or you can connect with the SkyWeather2 weather station to get even more local environmental information," SwitchDoc Labs' John Shovic explains of his latest creation. "You can even have multiple Solar SkyCams running on the same network!"

image from Haster.io

read the full article and get a list of the hardware specs at Hackster.io

Wireless Weather Cameras
Beck 28 July, 2021

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