Ubuntu 20.04 Security Flaw
...spoiler, already fixed

The more you learn about Linux and the Open Source Communities, the more you'll (more often than not) love it! Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is the latest Linux Distro from Canonical. As of this writing, just 9 hours ago, the folks at TechRadar posted this 

article. Seeing how I not only use Ubuntu Linux on all my machines, it is also the Linux Distro learnOPENtech teaches the most on. When I see any flags go up that there is a known vulnerability or security bug in my Distro of choice, I go into "all update mode." This bug would give superuser privileges to folks that shouldn't have it.

Turns out, Tech Radar's conclusion was that the vulnerability was limited to having physical access to your machine. The article also concluded that it was known and a fix was already pushed out. I didn't have to wait long.
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Ubuntu 20.04 Security Flaw
Beck 12 November, 2020

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