Top 500 Supercomputers in the World Linux

There are MANY reasons why learnOPENtech loves the Open Source Operating System Linux! Officially known as GNU/Linux, it is fast, flexible,...oh, and Free! Though cost might factor into paying high licensing fees on expensive computers, the real value added here is the flexibility part. When it comes to tweaking and moddin' Supercomputers, there is a reason why the top 500 in the world all run Linux!

When you have access to the source code and can legally change and configure it to meet your needs, everyone wins!

According to a recent post by "It's FOSS" (Free Open Source Software) they show the growth over the last number of years:

"To give you a year wise summary of Linux shares on the top 500 supercomputers:"

  • In 2012: 94%
  • In 2013: 95%
  • In 2014: 97%
  • In 2015: 97.2%
  • In 2016: 99.6%
  • In 2017: 99.6%
  • In 2018: 100%
  • In 2019: 100%
  • In 2020: 100%
Want to play around with a super fast Operating System, one you can install for Free!?! We'll teach you!
Top 500 Supercomputers in the World
Beck 21 November, 2020

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