Raspberry Pi + 3D Printer = Weather Station?
...for Science!

When public taxpayers' money goes to fund College and Universities' research, that is a good thing. When that research is out from under paywalls so taxpayers can access and read the research, it is a great thing! However, when all of the above is conducted with Open Source Software and Hardware, everyone wins!

The students learn on hardware that is dynamic and at a lower cost than commercial products. They can share their results, and it makes peer-review and other benchmarks easier to be involved in.

A study led by the University of Oklahoma proved that a low-cost homebrew weather station is more than a match for high-priced equivalents.

Researchers are beginning to deploy 3D-printed devices as a means of doing "more science with less," with a clever weather station proving its worth for researchers at the University of Oklahoma and Argonne National Laboratory.

"A weather station built using 3D-printed parts and low-cost sensors, based on plans and guidance provided by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research 3D-Printed Automatic Weather Station Initiative, was deployed alongside an Oklahoma Mesonet station to compare its performance against standard commercial sensors and determine the longevity and durability of the system," the researchers explain of the project to prove low-cost, 3D-printed devices could compete with commercial equivalents at a much lower cost..."

Raspberry Pi + 3D Printer = Weather Station?
Beck 12 November, 2020

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