Master your Shortcut Keys LibreOffice

No matter if you call them hotkeys, keystokes, or shortcut keys, learning a few combo keys of what to press when, comes in really handy. In fact, it can save you time the more you use them. Most mice only have a few buttons you can press with only a few fingers; whereas the keyboard has a lot more buttons to press via a good deal more fingers.

There are a slew of familiar Microsoft Windows Shortcut keys that are universal on Linux machines as well. Even Macs share a number of those similarities, though you do have to throw in their proprietary command key here and there.

The great thing about learning LibreOffice Shortcut keys, is that LibreOffice can run across all platforms: like Linux, Windows and Mac. Once you get familiar with these you'll be able to use them on any operating system.

Thankfully the folks over at have not only given us a nice LibreOffice set of Shortcut keys for LibreOffice Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw, they also attached the SVG vector file we can take into Inkscape and keep adding to it!

Master your Shortcut Keys
Beck 24 November, 2020

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