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Cloth Sculpting improvements in Blender 2.91

Not much of a secret, the Open Source 3D Modeling, Animation, etc. platform Blender 3D is hands-down my favorite Open Source Software package and community. Seeing some of their demo reels will make your jaw hit the floor, and even moreso if you are new to Open Source and what "Free" software can really do.

The sheer power and versatility of Blender 3D features is remarkable in its own right. The fact that it also works across platforms on Linux, Windows, and Mac just warms up the 'feels'. For me, it is when you see all of the above with the fluidity of the passionate community of users behind Blender. Their community is amazing! When the Blender Foundation revamped Blender 2.80+ code and direction, it helped streamline the development process for community contributions. And the contributions keep on flowing in! Here is just a sample of the newest Cloth Sculpting improvements in the future releases. Thanks in part to a lot of volunteers and community power users!

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Beck 12 November, 2020

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